Donna Wesley Spencer Photography

Donna Wesley Spencer

Donna Wesley Spencer is a founding member and past president of Perspective Gallery in Evanston, IL. She currently lives in a small town in North Carolina.

For inquiries about editions, prices, and sizes available please contact me.

Headshot of Donna Spencer


Montgomery Photo Festival, 2023

Craven Allen Gallery, “In Stillness”, October, 2022

SlowExposures, September 2022

A Smith Gallery, “Animalia”, 2022

SxSE Gallery, “Love & Loss & Resilience”, 2020

SxSE Gallery, “Southern Landscapes”, 2020

Perspective Gallery, “A Southern Diary”, September 2019

Click! Photography Festival, Click! Class of 2018

Perspective Gallery, “Homestead”, September, 2016

Evanston Public Library, “Inside the Frances Willard House”, July 2016

Morpho Gallery, Chicago, April 2016

Perspective Gallery, “Books” August 2015

A Smith Gallery, January 2015

Carnegie Visual Arts Center, “Alabama Revisited”, January 2015

Perspective Gallery, “Southern Places”, October 2014

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